Our Mission Statement:

To Plant Christ-Honoring Churches

In Every Community

Among Every People Group in Nepal

By 2030

How did Finish The Mission begin?

In the summer of 2009 a Bhutanese/Nepali-speaking refugee unexpectedly visited Living Hope Church and opened our eyes to the internationals who live in our city. His visit providentially ignited a ministry to this people group, primarily through English as a Second Language classes.

As the ministry continued to expand far beyond anything we had imagined it seemed good to us and the Lord to formally launch a ministry with the primary aim to proclaim and demonstrate the saving love of Jesus Christ among these people, both in our community and abroad.  Finish The Mission was formally organized in June 2013.

Why does Finish The Mission exist?

Our LORD Jesus Christ commanded his first disciples to go and make disciples among all the people groups of the world.  His command remains the mission of the Church today, because there are still over four thousand unreached people groups in the world and three billion people who have very limited or no access to hear the good news of God’s forgiveness through his Son, Jesus Christ.

What is the primary vision of Finish The Mission?

Our primary vision is to broadly proclaim the Gospel to those who have yet to hear this good news and to plant churches among them by equipping and empowering national evangelists and church planters.

How will Finish The Mission accomplish our primary vision?

By a commitment to the following values:

  • To train Christian leaders to glory in Jesus Christ and his salvation, to know God, and to walk by faith in his Word

  • To focus our energy and resources on the primary mission Christ has given his church, which is to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples through church planting

  • To broadly proclaim the powerful message of the Gospel to every household

  • To establish local churches in every community where God brings people to faith in Jesus Christ

  • To build a church planting movement by equipping and empowering nationals for evangelism, church planting, and pastoral ministry

  • To establish self-supporting, self-perpetuating churches through business development

  • To work with urgency and the Holy Spirit’s power to complete our mission by 2030