Finish The Mission accomplishes its ministry by God’s grace expressed through the sacrificial gifts of his children.
You can donate via PayPal by clicking on the Donate button below:

Checks made payable to Finish The Mission may be mailed to:
Finish The Mission, 2213 Rudy Road, Harrisburg, PA 17104

To give regularly to Finish The Mission we recommend setting up “Bill Pay” with your local bank,
which makes scheduled payments and is free of charge both to you and to our mission.  Thank you.


Finish The Mission is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Donations and contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.  Finish The Mission retains discretion to use donated funds in any manner that serves our objectives, regardless of any particular designation, but we do so knowing your donation is a sacred trust that requires careful stewardship.

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