Set Free the Oppressed and Disadvantaged

The good news of Jesus Christ, found in the Gospel, is about God’s love shown through his Son, the promised Messiah.  By turning back to God, repenting of our sin, and trusting in the redeeming sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross, our sins are forgiven and we are given peace with God.  This is eternal life, and this brings a joy and freedom every person longs for.

The power of this salvation, found in Jesus Christ, is profound.  It transforms the person who believes in Christ, but it begins to move beyond the individual into families and even communities.  Also, Christ’s love is experienced we are called to show that love to others, in the church, in our families, and in all our relationships.

Whole communities, and even people groups, can be transformed through God’s salvation for the nations.  This is God’s love for his world.