Dear Family and Friends,
I am still in Katmandu.  We have had no food, electricity or internet for two days.  I just found auxiliary power where I am at and found WiFi so I am writing a quick update.

I was preaching in a church on Saturday morning (Friday night eastern USA time), when the quake hit.  We cried out with all of our heart that the house would not collapse on us and praise God it did not.  We then ran out to the widest street we could find so no buildings could fall on us.  But for the last 34 hours we have been experiencing many aftershocks, some quite violent.  I cannot express how scary it is to have your whole world shaking again and again.  Many people are out on the street sleeping or camping out on open ground.

I had tried to fly out tonight but after five hours at the airport my flight was cancelled for some reason but they would not tell us why.  I was told the only way to get a ticket for another flight is to go to Fly Dubai’s city office so I am in the city again waiting for the morning to come.  Yet again, another aftershock has just happened a few minutes ago and now it is raining.

Please cry out to God for us.  Reportedly, 1,400 have been killed but many are still under the rubble.  I am safe but my phone is about dead and everything has been shut down for the last two days, so please pray that I can somehow find a flight.  We are also trying to find out how other brothers and sisters are doing, but it has been impossible to get through to anyone.  There is a report that a building collapsed on one church killing the whole congregation but we have not been able to confirm anything.  Please pray that the God who holds the whole world in his hands would show mercy to us and stop the shifting.

Thanks for your fervent prayer.