Pramila’s Story of Salvation

God works in mysterious ways; none so mysterious as how God used Pramila’s tragedy to spread His gospel and establish His church in Nepal.  Salvation stories remind us of God’s grace, love, and power and should be shared.  As Psalm 71:15-16 says,

15 “My mouth will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation all the day, for their number is past my knowledge. 16  With the mighty deeds of the Lord God I will come; I will remind them of your righteousness, yours alone”. (ESV) 


Pramila’s salvation story begins when, at the age of twenty, she met and married a man from S—–, India. Commonly, the wife goes to live with the husband and his family, so they moved from her village in P——, Nepal to India.

One morning, while trying to light a kerosene heater, it exploded and burned the entire front of Pramila’s body including her neckPramila's fire She also tried to put the fire out with her hands and as a result, severely burned her hands. Someone eventually found her unconscious and she remained in a coma for three months in the hospital. They did not expect her to live but, amazingly, she came out of her coma and continued to receive treatments for her burns for seven months. While in the hospital, some Christians came to care for her and to pray, and through their loving testimony, she believed in Jesus Christ!

When they released her from the hospital, her husband said that it would do her good to move back to P—–, Nepal with her family; so, they moved back. One night, not long after they had resettled in her family’s village, her husband simply disappeared; deserting his wife and family. In the midst of all her heartbreak, Pramila continued in her faith but also discovered that she was expecting their first child.

Pramila's babyShe had a beautiful baby boy and wanted to dedicate him to the Lord, so she contacted a pastor who had shared the gospel of Jesus Christ in many villages.  She asked him to journey from his village to dedicate her newborn child. Astoundingly, though the rest of her family were Hindu, they allowed the pastor to come and dedicate the child to Christ. This dedication led others to hear the gospel, four people to be healed in the village, and a new church with five families to be started in P—–.  Pramila’s tragedy had brought God’s salvation to her village.