Business Development

Our aim is to create a self-supporting, self-perpetuating church within eight years of any church’s beginning.

Therefore, we are committed to develop small to medium-size businesses that would support a local church or even a district-wide church planting movement.

Small businesses may include ventures like raising animals or agricultural products to sell or running a tailor shop. Medium-size businesses that would employ at least fifteen to twenty families may include ventures like a water-filtration plant or a larger scale agricultural business.

A small herd of goats or a small pig farm may be purchased and sustained for the first year for as little as $800. Medium-sized businesses would require between $45-60,000 but would support an church planting movement for an entire district for years to come.

Your gift of any amount will help us develop these businesses. If you are interested in helping us start a medium-size business, please contact us here. Thank you.