Evangelism/Church Planting

Working through national evangelists and church planters is the most effective means to fulfill our Lord’s mission because they:

  • Are most effective in working in their language and culture
  • Take the gospel to the most difficult or restricted areas to reach
  • Multiply the spread of Christ’s salvation
  • Live among the people and community
  • Have a passion to reach their own people

Finish The Mission commissions our national evangelists and church planters to reach villages that have not heard the good news of Jesus Christ. As a result, Christ’s salvation and church are spreading among the least engaged. By supporting our evangelism and church planting teams you will enable more villages in an entire region or people group to be reached.

Your gift of $35/month will partially enable or $70/month will fully enable a national missionary to take the good news of Jesus Christ and to plant a church in an unreached village.

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